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What is Pressure Seal?

Presure SealPressure Seal technology provides the office environment with a whole new level of cost and manpower benefit. It could possibly be the single best investment a company can make in its distribution and print handling of secure documents.

Pressure Sealing uses laser compatible forms which have incorporated special glue patterns. The cohesive glue only becomes activated when subjected to extremely high pressure produced during the sealing process. The forms are folded by the Pressure Sealer and then pass through sealing rollers which activate the glue. This changes the forms into extremely secure, tamper-proof mailers which are suitable for mailing or distribution without the additional expense of envelopes. The reduction in the usage of envelopes, which are thrown away on receipt, has a positive environmental impact.

The following fold configurations are the most common and can be used by all the IQ Solutions range of pressure seal machines.

c fold ec fold z fold z offset fold v fold double fold
C-Fold EC-Fold Z-Fold Offset-Z Fold V-Fold Double Fold

The Z and Offset-Z folds are the most popular as they only require simplex (one-side) printing. The C and V fold configurations require duplex (both sides) printing.

Whether processing Payroll, P60’s, Appointment Letters, Pin-Mailers, General Mailings and many more applications, IQ Solutions is the right choice !