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The PM3 is a medium to high volume easy to use compact desktop machine that can be utilised for both your Pressure Sealing and Paper Folding requirements.

It has an infeed capacity of up to 800 printed pressure seal forms and cycles at a speed in excess of 5,700 forms per hour. Z, C, V and bespoke folds are available with the easy to use fold settings.

The PM3 incorporates lockable fold plates and an easy to use jam release system with good overall access.

The standard Output Catch Tray holds up to 200 sealed forms. Other optional High
Capacity Output devices are available (see below).

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Cabinet Option

Cabinet with Storage

An optional cabinet is available which provides a suitable surface for the machine and also provides storage underneath.

Output Conveyor

High Capacity Output Conveyor which holds up to 500 printed forms and also provides easy unloading whilst processing.

Vertical Output Stacker

High Capacity Output Vertical Stacker which holds up to 800 printed forms and also
provides easy unloading whilst processing in sequence. A cabinet is required for this option.