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MailFinisher 4000 Maxi

The MF4000 system is a small to medium volume In-Line System which is interfaced with a compatible laser printer, whereby the printer feeds the MF4000 directly and the forms are printed, folded and sealed in one single operation, therefore, speeding up the processing and also making it easier for the operator.

The MF4000Maxi comes with a Tray Management Cabinet System and a 700 forms external output catch tray and is compatible with the following printers which provide up to 2,500* sheet in-feed capacity (*based on 80gsm paper).

  • HP LJ4200N - HP LJ4014N - HP M601N
  • HP LJ4250N - HP LJ4015N - HP M602N
  • HP LJ4300N - HP LJ4515N - HP M603N
  • HP LJ4350N

  • All the above printers would require an additional 500 sheet tray
    and an additional 1500 sheet tray.

Other laser printer models are also compatible with the MF4000 including OKI, Lexmark, Samsung and Kyocera and other HP models, please check with us for suitability.

Please note the following:

  • The laser printer is not unique to this machine; it can still be used as a normal office laser, either by separating the laser printer from the MF4000 or by using the optional 'Print Only Mode'.
  • The processing speed of the system is regulated by the page per minute speed of the printer.
  • Laser Printer sold separately.

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Print Only Mode

This enables the system to be used as a standard laser printer without the need to separate the laser from the MF4000.