IQ Solutions


Automatically Adapting to all your Needs

There's no need for skilled operators thanks to the easy to use control panel with a graphical and intuitive touch screen. Just select your job and you will be finished before you know it. Alternatively, see how easy it is to create a new job using our the load'n'Go intuitive procedure. Simply load your documents and envelopes and then press the start button. The FI75 will automatically measure the length of all loaded documents as well as the envelope in order to adjust all settings and deliver the appropriate mail item.

The Solution for Multiple Pages and Various Inserts

The FI75 folder inserter has an innovative and very intuitive solution for processing documents with varying pages and inserts. Simply select a grouping criterion, such as the invoice number, and you can collate multiple pages for the same recipient. You can even define different additional inserts or each group of recipients. This software solution enables you to design direct mail applications in only a few minutes.

Productivity Made Easy

The high capacity vertical stacker will reduce unloading time, thus enabling other tasks to be done in the meantime. It requires less handling and makes it possible to unload up to 500 envelopes every 8 minutes while running at maximum speed. The FI75 has a large powerFold capacity which supports up to 10 sheets in a single envelope. All sheets are folded together and not separately.


  • Up to 3,600 filled envelopes per hour
  • load'n Go automatic setting
  • flexFeed multi-format feeder
  • 25 fully programmable jobs for complete job changes in seconds
  • High capacity vertical stacker up to 500 envelopes Optional
  • Envelope feeder capacity up to 325 envelopes

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OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) & BCR (Barcode Reader)

OMR/BCR gives you additional security when sending varying numbers of pages to different addresses (the right inserts always go to the right address), ideal for financial and confidential mail.

In-line franking

IQ folder inserters can easily be linked to a franking machine, giving you mini-mailroom capabilities and continuous ready-to-mail processing