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Professional Looking Mail Piece

Effective communication starts with a professional looking mail piece. That is why the FI60 folder inserter collates and assembles all documents before folding them. The result, the recipient opens the envelope and all the documents are presented together, always in the right order.

Processing at up to 2,200 filled envelopes per hour!


With powerFold5 you can fold up to 5 pages in tri-fold, crisply and silently, important where mailing costs are based on size as well as weight.

Load'N Go

No need for skilled operators thanks to Load'N Go. Just load documents and envelopes then press the button to Go! The FI60 will adjust all settings automatically and even save them in it's memory for instant recall. Regular jobs? Just run Load'N Go and store the settings in one of the 9 available job memories.

Fits in every Office Environment

Low noise level, compact size and ease-of-use, the FI60 can easily fit into any office environment.

Daily Mail Function

The Daily Mail mode allows you to process up to 5 sheets fed by hand, stapled or unstapled.

Secure Processing

To ensure that every recipient gets the correct mail piece, thickness detection protects against double feeding. It is insensitive to dust, and works with toner or coloured paper. The FI60 measures the thickness of every document from the feeder via secure'n Feed.


  • Versatile - great solution for invoices or statements
  • Daily post option for stapled sets
  • Saves time - up to 9 common applications can be programmed.
  • Desktop design

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In-line franking

IQ folder inserters can easily be linked to a franking machine, giving you mini-mailroom capabilities and continuous ready-to-mail processing