IQPFS and the British Forces Post Office

IQ-PFS is proud to be the official service and support company to the British Forces Post Office and their "e-Bluey" service.

IQ-PFS continues to provide maintenance service contracts for all the pressure seal machines used for the MOD’s e-Bluey and Photo-bluey service for the past 7 years.

What is an e-bluey? -

In order to speed up the delivery to H.M. Forces, the BFPO developed a hybrid form of mail, known as the 'e-Bluey', in which letters can be sent directly by internet to the British Armed Forces serving in theatre across the globe. The letters are downloaded securely and printed and then dispatched to the recipient via the traditional military postal system. For the past ten years the e-bluey system has been supported by SuperLetter.Com Inc. who provide the software and manage the servers for the e-bluey system. IQ-PFS have supplied and supported the pressure sealing equipment for the UK and overseas solutions.

Who uses the e-bluey service? -

Letters are sent by serving Armed Forces members to family and friends in the UK (from Operational Theatres) and are securely downloaded and printed at various locations in the UK and then delivered to the Royal Mail for final delivery.

Where did the name “e-bluey” come from? -

From the aerogram that are (still) provided for troops on active service and their families at home. Self-adhesive strips along the edges of the paper allowed it to be folded and sealed without the added weight of an envelope, meaning that more of them could be carried by air or by hand for the same total weight. Because of the blue paper these self-contained kits were inevitably known as "blueys", and the name came to carry something of an emotional charge due to the significance of receiving a possibly rare bluey from a loved one. "e-Bluey" was thus a natural term for the BFPO's electronic hybrid mail system.

How does it work? -

The entire system uses high level 256K SSL security and encrypted databases. The e-blueys are downloaded from an e-bluey web server ( and utilises Pressure Sealed forms that are printed and sealed with an integrated HP/OKI Printer & IQ-MF4000 Sealer. This ensures maximum security and privacy and the correspondence is not censored or reviewed. The e-bluey was first conceived of by Brigadier Barry Cash, CE of the British Forces Post Office (now retired) assigning the initial development to Major Roy Walker MBE (now retired) in the late 1990s. The service was activated the week before Christmas of 2000. Photo capability was added in 2005 allowing senders to attach personal photos to their e-blueys.